Iran: Stop Playing Games With My Lawyer’s Life | Sarah Shourd | Huffington Post | April 6 2012

“Mr. Masoud Shafii did everything in his power to defend Josh’s, Shane’s and my innocence within the parameters of Iranian law. When his efforts were stymied, visits denied and court session postponed without explanation, he complained through the proper channels. Despite this, though Shane and Josh were released over six months ago, Mr. Shafii continues to be punished by the Islamic Republic for his work on our case.

By punishing Mr. Shafii, the Iranian government is sending a message. They want to make it clear to other lawyers in Iran that if they dare to take on political cases such as ours, the same will happen to them. In 2009 Archbishop Desmond Tutu publicly addressed the Iranian government on behalf of Josh, Shane and myself, “Stop playing games with their lives,” he stated candidly. Now, I would like to echo this same sentiment on my lawyer’s behalf. Mr. Masoud Shafii deserves to visit his family and sister’s grave in the U.S. He deserves to continue in his profession.

Stop playing games with his life. He was just doing his job.”

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Rally to Support Canadian Saeed Malekpour, Sentenced to Death in Iran | Montreal Gazette | Feb 25 2012

“A group of Canadian activists hopes to put pressure on the Iranian government to commute the death sentence of a Canadian resident, who is being held in Iran’s notorious Evin prison, by staging a protest in Ottawa on Sunday.”

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VIDEO: Iran using Malekpour as ‘pawn in a bloody chess game’ | CTV News | Feb 20 2012

Human rights activist Maryam Nayeb Yazdi says civil citizens should speak out and say the Iranian regime should give Canadian resident Saeed Malekpour a fair trial.


VIDEO: Death Row: A Canadian man may be closer to execution in Iran | CTV National News | Feb 19 2012

Human Rights Activist and Coordinator of the Saeed Malekpour Campaign, Maryam Nayeb Yazdi is interviewed about the latest news regarding Canadian resident Saeed Malekpour, at risk of imminent execution by the Iranian regime.

She discusses the Canadian government’s actions regarding his case, what the global public needs to do, and urges the United Nations to release an urgent appeal.

She is asked “We saw when the American Hikers were being held and accused of spying, they were eventually released. There was a lot of international pressure, a long campaign as well. Does that give you any hope?”    and replies “Yes! Definitely! International pressure is the only way to go to save people from death row in Iran.”

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VIDEO: The Iranian government’s crackdown on political prisoners | BBC Persian | Feb 19 2012

BBC Persian reports on Saeed Malekpour’s imminent execution, including a recording of his voice from Evin Prison in Tehran, where he says that his arrest and imprisonment is illegal and that his confessions were extracted under torture (translation from Farsi provided by the Saeed Malekpour Campaign).


Pressure Iran to FREE Canadian from death row: activist | CTV News | Feb 19 2012

“Supporters of Saeed Malekpour, a Canadian on death row in Iran, are calling for international assistance to save him from imminent execution…

Malekpour’s case has received attention from many in the International community. Statements in support of him have been released by the European Union, British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the U.S. State Department and foreign ministries of Norway and Italy. Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird has also released statements in support of Malekpour. And the Canadian House of Commons recently voted to hold Iran accountable to any damage done to Malekpour. Yazdi said the next step in Malekpour’s case would be for the United Nations to release an urgent appeal for his release.”

Saeed Malekpour: A Canadian on Iran’s death row | Toronto Star | Feb 18 2012

Olivia Ward, Foreign Affairs Reporter, tells the heartbreaking story of Saeed’s peaceful, unpolitical life before his arrest, and the unbearable pain he and his loved ones have faced since his arrest and death sentence.

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